Elections 2019

Boost your campaign message

Our innovative platforms are designed to ensure your campaign message are highly visible and yields the highest returns on your investment

Ad Cube is a very high recall alternative to advertising on billboards. It is designed to display multiple images.

The Adcube is a 1m x 1m (6 sided cube). It can be erected anywhere you need your campaign to be visible.

Sponsored call marketing opens the door to measurable marketing campaigns for a fraction of the cost.

AdTalk allows you to promote your campaign message in exchange for  a free call of up to one minute or more. Its like running your own personal radio station. The most direct to consumer advertising platform ever.

AdHome gives you a unique form of direct advertising on laundry hangers to your target consumers. Your campaign is hand delivered to the consumers through your choice of dry cleaners.

Your advertisement is viewed in an uncluttered environment, your brand is provided 100% share of voice.

AdTower measures 12 meters in height, it is a highly visible platform that  enables you boldly display your campaign message. 

AdTower measures 12 meters in height, is highly visible and enables brands make very big and bold statements with their campaigns

Ad Cube
No need to rent a billboard for tactical campaigns
It's like running your own personal radio station
Ad Home
Campaign is hand delivered to your target consumers
Ad Tower
With this giant tower your campaign can't be ignored