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2018 Lagos Social Media Week: OjirehPrime Debit Card Launches

Online food store Ojireh.com in a press release today announced that it will be launching the much anticipated OjirehPrime prepaid debit card on the 1st of March 2018 during the Social Media week special session hosted by the SMJury at the Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. From a challenging beginning with no computer, office, delivery and general logistics except for a faulty Samsung tab we used to build and access our website, we have innovated our way from idea to reality.

In a quest to address the challenges internet frauds associated with exposing your bank account via your ATM card, Ojireh.com has taken a bold step to give a boost to the Nigerian e-commerce sector. The CEO of the company, Mr Edoka Idoko; in an earlier statement explained that “ OjirehPrime card is a prepaid debit card that is not connected to your bank account and you don’t even need a bank account to own one.

The card will address the challenges of card fraud as customers would no more be faced with the fear of online transaction since all that is required is making a transfer from your regular bank account to your Ojirehprime card. It doubles as a means of good savings and budgetary control. The flexibility of the card to be used on any ATM machine to withdraw cash, transfer funds in and out and on any online platform gives it that cutting edge that becomes the answer to a lot of questions on the lips of the Nigerian customer.
“In another statement by Mr. Idoko who clearly stated that,

“​The world will change faster in the next 10 years than it did in the last 30 years because technology will change the way things are done and the innovations of today will be the norm of tomorrow, physical cash will be no more, drones will play more active roles in delivery, virtual stores will take over, inventory management will be built into all you own because the internet will become a global play field. Technology will be readily available and customers will have more options but innovation and customer relationship will set companies apart therefore and most importantly innovation will define competition”.

On this premise, I put it to you that the future holds endless possibilities and imagination for Ojireh.com and innovating our way to the top is key to our purpose which lies in harnessing the power of technology and innovation to make Africa and the world at large a better place.

Source: Techpoint.ng

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