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Advertising Regulatory Agencies in Nigeria

Advertising Regulatory Agencies are the statutory bodies in charge of monitoring and control of any type of communication and public promotion of different products or services to consumers and users. 

Adverts approved by the regulatory agencies can either be in the visual form or audio. 

In Nigeria, there are different forms of advertising ranging from outdoor to digital advertising placements. 

However, there are different regulations that oversee the contents of all adverts and the influence it has on the general public. 

Advert content and placement is currently regulated by different agencies in Nigeria according to the state laws where the advert will be publicized. 

These agencies have various functions that are intended for the states and locations within their quota. The agencies are governed by codes and regulations at federal and state level.


  1. Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria – APCON
  2. The Advertisers Association of Nigeria – ADVAN.
  3. National Broadcasting Commission – NBC 
  4. The Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria – AAAN
  5. Media Independent Practitioners Association of Nigeria – MIPAN 
  6. Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria – NPAN
  7. Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria – BON 
  8. Outdoor Advertising Association of Nigeria – OAAN.
  9. Nigerian Communication Commission – NCC 
  10. Anambra State Signage and Advertising Agency – ANSAA
  11. Cross River State Signage and Advertisement Agency – CRISSAA
  12. Bauchi State Signage and Advertisement Management Agency – BASSAMA
  13. Delta State Signage and Advertisement Agency – DESAA
  14. Edo State Signage Agency
  15. Ekiti State Signages and Advertisement Agency – EKSAA
  16. Imo Signage and Advertisement Agency – IMSAA (In the works)
  17. Kano State Signage and Advertisement Agency – KASAA
  18. Kwara State Signage and Advertisement Agency – KWASAA
  19. Lagos State Signage & Advertisement Agency
  20. Ogun State Signage and Advertisement Agency – OGSAA
  21. Ondo State Signage and Advertisement Agency – OSSAA
  22. State of Osun Signage and Advertising Agency 
  23. Oyo State Signage and Advertisement Agency OYSAA
  24. Rivers State Signage Agency – RISAA
  25. FCTA Department of Outdoor Advertisement & Signage
  26. Niger State Signage and Advertisement Agency (NISSAA)

Always remember, your campaign must be approved before setting it up to avoid paying exorbitant fees and fines when caught.

Contact us to set up your advert campaign and get it approved with no hassles.

This post was written in collaboration with Ezinne Oduah.

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