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Best Alternative Advertising Platforms in Nigeria

In recent times, alternative advertising platforms have been on the rise as more advertisers embrace the alternative advertising medium for the benefit it offers.

Unlike the traditional media, taking an alternative advertising approach offer advertisers the ability to accurately measure the conversions that came directly from the campaign.

The conversions can be easily measured because the alternative advertising platforms are location dependent. The ads there can reach only a limited, laser targeted audience, as opposed to a wide audience with no specific mode of conversion and its measurement the OOH billboards offer.

While there are a lot of unique platforms advertisers could embrace, we’ve handpicked the best that offer the highest ROI on your Advertising budget.

1. The ATM Advertising Platform

Atm Advertising

Advertising on ATMs have proven to be a game changer for Advertisers and brand managers.

It has been tried and tested to offer the best ROI for home and family products in a locality.

Typically, users see the ads only when they’re interacting with the ATM during the transaction cycle.

The beauty of this platform is that it acts like a personalized LED advertising board where each impression is actually seen and interacted with by the user, and its not limited to just images as short clips of 3 seconds can also be used for a campaign.

Therefore, marketing managers an advertisers can accurately measure their conversion rates judging based on the number of contacts their Advert is shown to, measuring what works and optimizing where necessary.

You can learn more about Advertising on ATM platforms here

2. Advertising on Shopping Carts

AdCart 2

This is a platform we love so much and highly recommend as advertisers can get users to perform a time-sensitive action from the moment they come in contact with the shopping cart at the shopping mall.

CTA’s offering a discount or bonus have been successful in getting your products off the Mall’s shelf into their carts.

Customers don’t abandon their carts at the malls as often as they do online, so you’re sure to have a higher conversion rate with this platform.

You can learn more about advertising on Shopping Carts here

3. Advertising at Bars

Ad Bar

This is a sweet platform for running a laser targeted campaign to people with more disposable income.

As with other alternative advertising platforms, advertising at Bars offers a direct conversion model to advertisers, where metrics that matter can be measured on a daily basis.

It could also be used as a platform to reward brand loyalty and engage customers to entice them for a repeat purchase.

You can learn more about Advertising at Bars here

As you have seen above, these alternative advertising platforms have a high foot traffic on a daily basis, coupled with the direct conversion models they offer.

How is your brand positioning with Alternative Advertising? Let us know in the comments section below.

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