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How ATM advertising in Nigeria can help you gain visibility and increase sales

Let’s face it, TV, radio, internet and large billboard ads costs millions of naira each year, run for limited time, and don’t guarantee a brand gets the brand visibility it deserves. 

This leaves those at the helm of affairs of marketing a brand searching for more cost- effective and targeted tools to increase brand awareness, and ultimately sales.

The downside of the aforementioned channels range from not giving accurate metrics on how many people reached, having little or no grasp on the target audience for the product due to the mass marketing medium and having to spend a lot of money before trying to measure the Return on investment (ROI).

Let’s also not forget to mention the main challenge the outdoor ad campaigns pose for brands; 

Not everyone who sees it actually sees it! 

Apart from the fact that not everyone that comes around where the ad is places sees the ad, not everyone who looks at it actually gets it registered in their minds, there’s always a distraction in this fast pace world.

In comes the ATM advertising, an alternative advertising platform that seeks to solve the challenge of getting a higher brand retention and recall with the aim of ultimately increasing sales for a brand.

The ATM advertising offers marketing managers a captive audience further characterised with no distraction at the time the Ad is displayed. (I mean, who looks away when expecting his/her cash?)

This offers marketing managers the platform where no impression is wasted, and they can get the metrics on the actual number of impressions of their ad.

The ATM advertising is a winner when it comes to optimizing your ROI on your advertising budget. 

This is because the ads are only shown when the machine is in use during a transactional cycle. This gives an assurance that there’s no wastage of impressions and people only pay for actual impressions of their ad campaign.

A perfect example is the data campaign run my Smile communications on the ATM advertising platform nationwide.

Smile Communications Advert on the ATM Platform

The ATM advertising platform gives room for your ads to show up for 6 seconds per transaction cycle which counts as an impression.

The impressions are broken down into 2 3-second views or 3 2-second views depending on how the client wants it, as both ways are bound to increase brand recall.

From the backend, we could measure the number of impressions which totalled over 80,000 impressions on average nationwide.

As reported from Smile communications, they had a 40% increase in sales and new user onboarding as a result of the campaign, which lasted for 3 months.

Pal Pensions Campaign on the ATM Advertising Platform

Cheers to the undivided attention this platform gives to its captive audience.

A lot of brands have accepted the fact that they need to run advert campaigns in order to increase their brand awareness. The only challenge is where will it be?

Which platform will be the most effective? How do we accurately measure results without being vague? What assurance do we have that we are not wasting money on impressions? How can we ensure that we speak directly to our target market? 

These and more questions are top of mind bugging many marketing managers.

Click here to find out more about the ATM Advertising Platform.

If you’ve found a better platform that delivers undivided attention for marketing managers, please let us know in the comment section below. 

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