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Moet Hennessy Campaign At Hubmart & Ebeano Supermarket

Moët Hennessy’s Campaign at Hubmart and Prince Ebeano Supermarket was one of the most successful campaigns we’ve had. Supermarkets are the right environment for advertising!

Strada Media has turned supermarkets into advertising locations because thousands of customers go through them every day. Furthermore, consumers in this consumer-oriented environment are willing to accept advertising information. Advertising is viewed more as an offer than as a disruptive factor here. An optimal basis for successful communication with customers

Successful advertising means reaching specific customers at a location where a large number of people stay for a long period of time. Supermarkets are such locations – thousands of consumers shop at supermarkets daily, are usually in the best mood to buy, and are willing to accept advertising information.

A highly diverse target group because everyone goes shopping: from top managers to housewives etc. Most consumers go to a supermarket in their area – so you can reach specific customers in the area you wish to target.


  • Enormously high number of walk-in customers.
  • Permanent advertising presence: advertising 356 days a year
  • Long opening hours: advertising from 8 AM to 10 PM.
  • Repetitive effect: learning from strong brands.
  • Long dwelling time.

The supermarket shelf is the perfect environment for NFC, enabling brands to engage with consumers to allow for instant information and gratification. Shoppers could retrieve helpful content every time they tap a shelf talker /shelf board, including special offers, instructional videos or recipes, and share socially as well as download apps.

Partner Brands:
Over 50 Supermarkets and Grocery Stores across Nigeria

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