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On the 24th of October 2017, Siemens launched its new mobile power generation turbine, the SGT-A45TR, at its customer event at the Wheatbaker Hotel Ikoyi Lagos.

This new addition to its gas turbine portfolio; a 44-megawatt aero-derivative gas turbine for mobile power generation, aptly called the SGT-A45 TR, is said to be Siemens highest efficiency mobile turbine to date that boasts outstanding power density, high fuel efficiency and excellent operational flexibility.

The SGT-A45 is one of the four turbines Siemens has on offer that it will be deploying for its fast power initiative; Siemens approach to bringing solutions tailor made for the Nigerian market in an accelerated time schedule to satisfy the needs and demands of customers, particularly in fast-growth regions and places where infrastructure is yet to be fully developed.

The forum was attended by Lagos state Commissioner of Energy and Mineral resources, Honorable Olawale Oluwo, developers, OEM’s and other industry experts, The commissioner who gave the key note address at the forum said “I like the kind of cooperation we have with Siemens, it has been very exciting and I think yesterday, we achieved a major milestone about it, we signed the MOU to work together, we will prepare this under the Lagos State embedded power program, and that MOU was signed yesterday night, it is very timely. Where we will be working jointly to utilize multiple SGT-A45 across Lagos State with Siemens”

“Our new SGT-A45 TR mobile gas turbine is an important next step in turbine technology and efficiency, and we’re excited to introduce this turbine at this moment in time. It’s a one-of-a-kind compact design makes it particularly well suited for customers with urgent power needs or in regions with less developed power infrastructures and we can say that we have a product that has no rival on the market that we are very proud of.  This innovative mobile power generation unit is an ideal choice for critical power needs and provides significantly more electrical output than comparable models currently on the market, with an electrical generating capacity of up to 44 megawatts” Said Andreas Pistauer, Executive Vice President, Siemens Power and Gas, Africa.

He went further to say we are also worried the that technically designed human machines and products is not enough because if we look at projects, the biggest tool is financing structuring the project and developing the project so here for SGT-A45TR, it comes together with the full set of financial instruments, a facility to help realize the project, which goes from leasing and other financial support.

The right solutions for the Nigerian market

The SGT- A45TR, the flagship of the Siemens fast power solutions is mobile and comes complete with its own substation for direct connection to the injection point on a distribution network.

Siemens is able to provide quick delivery of this unit and it can be deployed from factory to site in three months. Its performance is optimized for Nigeria’s tropical climate and its aeroderivative heritage makes its robust enough to withstand multiple starts and stops.

This turbine is a great example of what can be achieved through combining technology and development with innovative design and expertise from our team with input from customers around the world to ensure we are meeting their specific needs

The SGT-A45 does not need any major civil construction works for its installation on site because it is mobile. This thus reduces its installation and commissioning time to mere two weeks

Siemens also introduced its other units in the fast power portfolio, the SGT -400, SGT- 800(both industrial turbines) and the bigger SGT-A65TR  aeroderivative  unit all offer great value and unique values.

The SGT 400- is class leading in its single cycle electrical efficiency numbers

The SGT- 800 – is class leading in its combined cycle electrical efficiency numbers

SGT – A65 is highly flexible adaptable to varying environments while offering high power efficiency in both full and part load conditions

With this new innovative technology and financial solutions, Siemens is offering developers to purchase them; the company believes it is offering a way out of darkness that has bedeviled the power industry.

Power is a key driver for the accomplishment of Nigeria’s economic potential. Siemens has shown with its new unit and fast power initiative that it is committed to Nigeria economic prosperity.

Source: Techpoint.ng

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