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Successful Marketing Campaigns – Your Go to Guide

As business owners, we find ourselves in awe of big successful marketing campaigns like Nike’s “Just do it”. We find ourselves looking for a way to replicate or mirror that magic. Well, successful marketing campaigns don’t just happen, successful marketing campaigns are a result of well-planned, well-timed and well-executed strategies. While no two successful marketing campaigns are the same, they follow these 5 key principles, which will be highlighted in this post:

Source: World Urban Campaign

Know Your Audience

A big part of running a successful marketing campaign and building a marketing strategy is knowing and understanding your target audience. You shouldn’t build your target audience on your marketing strategy but build your strategy on your target audience. You have to ask yourself questions like:

  • What is the problem my product or service is trying to solve?
  • Who is most likely to have this problem?
  • What are their defining characteristics? (age, marital status, location, job, hobbies, etc.)

Answering these questions would better help to shape your campaign by letting you know what your audience needs and how to better appeal to them.

To Run Successful Marketing Campaigns: Set Your Goals

After you have figured out who your target audience is, you have to describe and define the goal of the campaign.  Is your goal to attract new customers, is to convert leads to actual sales or is it create brand awareness? You need to dig deep, you can’t just say “I want more sales”, but how many and of what product or service.

You also need to set a timeframe for the campaign because campaigns lose their effectiveness over time. So, for example, you can say “I want this campaign to get 5,000 people talking about my brand in a month” or “I want to sell 5,000 units of my products in 3 months”.Finding out what you would want to achieve and for how long, this helps you to better to measure how successful your marketing campaign was.

The Offer

A great way to drive a successful marketing campaign is to create an offer. The offer might vary from a free trial period to a discount. It all depends on the type of campaign and what you’re selling or offering. Be sure to align your offer with something you know your target buyer needs. This would give them a reason to ask for more information.

Distribution Channel

Not all marketing channels are suitable for every successful marketing campaign so before you go diving into anything, plan out the most effective channels for the campaign. Social media works for some campaigns, while some campaigns may require out of home or more traditional marketing channels. Knowing your audience is very useful when determining the best marketing channels to use. Where do they spend their time? Where are they most likely to see or hear and pay attention to information about your products and/or services?

You Need To Follow- Up Your Marketing Campaign

Your campaign is only as good as your follow-up. You need to continue the dialogue with them until they opt out or buy. The follow-up should continue to send valuable information, which will boost your credibility, increase trust and continue to pique their interest. When running a marketing campaign you should also track their responses to help you run better and more successful marketing campaigns.

When you are brainstorming consider the other successful marketing campaigns that have caught your eye both as a marketer and as a consumer, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did I like about this ad?
  • Was there something I didn’t like?
  • Was I motivated to patronise this brand based on this ad?

Lastly, try to make your campaign as relatable as possible. Your audience should be able to identify with it.

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